Yo, let’s talk about the law, from tint to court
Requirements on the road, and in all legal sorts
What percent tint is legal in MN, you say?
Check the link, it’s the only way

Now, Law Kai Yui, that’s a name to know
Understanding legal concepts, all in a row
If you need a lease agreement, don’t fret
A Blumberg lease agreement PDF is what you’ll get

Insurance towing contracts and federal court requirements
Are part of the legal world, no time for retirements
If you’re an independent contractor, here’s a tip
Check the letter agreement, don’t let it slip

Now, if you need to make a claim on the phone
First National Insurance Company of America is where you’re not alone
And if you’re renting a hall, don’t forget
The contract for the deal, you won’t regret

Legal stuff can be confusing, that’s for sure
But with contract format examples, it’s easier to endure
And don’t forget, in Oregon, when you make a call
There are laws to follow, or you might just fall

So there you have it, legal matters in rhyme
From tint to court, it’s all about time
To know the law, and understand it well
‘Cause when it comes to legality, you never can tell

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